A multi-cultural church in South London

Caleb and Adanesh Mathewos, originally from Ethiopia, have joined the Counties Evangelists Training Programme (ETP) and have also become network members of Church Planting Initiative.

Caleb, who is the pastor of The Message of the Cross Evangelical Church in Kennington, London, has a heart to see a multi-cultural church in South London and beyond and has set up several English-speaking Bible study groups that meet in various locations in the surrounding area.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I grew up in a Christian home. My father, who is a full-time evangelist, helped me to know Jesus and to follow His way. I decided to believe in Jesus as my personal saviour at the age of 12 and was baptised soon after. God called me to serve Him when I was 19 and opened the door to study His word. Since then, I have been in full-time church ministry which involves preaching, teaching, training, evangelizing and planting a church in Ethiopia. I came to the UK in 2005 and have been granted a refugee status to live here permanently. I am married to Adanesh Tura and we are serving God together.

Describe your church plant.

I recently planted a church in South London near Elephant and Castle and I’m also doing the evangelism and pastoral work at The Message of the Cross Evangelical Church, an Ethio-Eritrean Church based in South London. God is doing a great thing in our ministry: people are coming to Christ from various addictions and different religious backgrounds. We are evangelizing all people regardless of religion, race or colour. We baptized four people and we are currently preparing some of the new converts for water baptism. We are actively engaged in mission and organise various multi-cultural groups during the week.

How has Counties and Church Planting Initiative helped support you?

I am very grateful for Church Planting Initiative (CPI) which are currently coaching and mentoring me and following up on the growth of the church. I feel privileged to join Counties. Though I have a vision and passion, I don’t have any financial support for myself and ministry. Now I have joined Counties and CPI, I will get support in terms of training, mentoring and finance. Now with all this support, I am ready to stretch myself as God calls me to do His mission.

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