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A Solvable Problem

32 million adults in the UK have no connection with a church

Any observer of church life in the UK will have noticed that churches are closing down in every corner of the country. This trend is likely to continue as so many existing churches are small and elderly. This fact does not threaten the future of Christianity in the UK, for, after all, there are also many vibrant and growing churches in the country as well. However, it is a serious situation and one that urgently needs to be addressed.

People not property

CPI is committed to supporting church planters and church planting all over the UK. It began in 1999 and now exists as a result of the combined efforts of four member organisations, Counties, GLO, the Church Growth Trust and Partnership.

The CPI strategy for church planting focuses on people, not buildings. The aim is to network church planters, and provide them with practical and pastoral support and, where necessary and possible, a measure of financial support.

Investing in Passion

The aim of CPI is to open the believer’s eyes to the challenge of church planting, but to do so in a down-to-earth and practical way. The members of our network did not join because they are professional academics or polished theologians. Rather, they are practitioners — people who have planted churches, or who are planting them, and consequently have much to share from their experience. They all share a passion for seeing God’s kingdom being extended by the planting of new churches. CPI’s desire is to function as a down to earth and practical network for church planting, a ‘how-to’ group designed to help anyone who wants to join the adventure of planting a new church.

CPI is not just for planters. We’re fueling a movement

Making disciples in our country will require much more than bringing church planters into your community for a few years. We need a network of people committed to continue throughout their lives to disciple our nation. CPI members are part of a network of people who support each other personally and spiritually throughout their lives as they speak up for church planting.

The need for vibrant new churches is obvious. Our hope and prayer is that you will not simply take the time to read this website, but that you will think of what you can do to reverse the trend of declining churches by getting involved in church planting, whether by doing it, praying for it, supporting it, or funding it.

Disciple making churches can exist in every single neighbourhood

We firmly believe that the UK, and indeed Europe as a whole, is a key mission-field and that church planting must be at the very heart of any strategy. With bold vision and courageous leadership, we can make a difference and a new generation of churches can emerge to turn the tide.