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Partner Organisations

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The Church Planting Initiative is a collaboration between Church Growth Trust, Counties, GLO and Partnership UK.

Our Partner organisations provide oversight of our operations and share best practices that help us maximize our national impact.

The Church Support Network co-operates where it is helpful to do so with other groups which serve broadly the same churches and individuals in different ways. These groups meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest, in order to improve the help that we can give to churches.

CPI Trustees:

Giles Arnold, CGT Chairman of CPI;

Dave Foster, CGT (West Mids Hubs);

Stephen Mcquoid, GLO European Director (Scotland Hubs);

Sam Gibson, GLO Mission Director (Ireland Hubs);

Richard Canham, Vice Chair Counties (London Hubs);

Martin Erwin, CEO Counties (Bristol Hub)

Stephen Bedford, Chair Partnership Council (North West Hubs);

Neil Summerton, Partnership Council (Exeter Hub)

CPI Team:

James Hyde (Counties) CPI Coordinator, james.hyde@cpi-uk.org

John Jenkins (Partnership) CPI recruitment, mobilisation and Hub Development, john.jenkins@cpi-uk.org

Andy Dykes (Partnership) Assistant CPI recruitment, mobilisation and Hub Development, andy.dykes@cpi-uk.org

Ian Smith (GLO) CPI Finance & Admin Officer, ismith@glo-europe.org


The Church Planting Initiative is a registered charity (number 1085172) and a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales (number 3928850). Registered office: The Barn, Baines Lane, Seaton, Oakham, LE15 9HP