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What we provide

What we provide2017-10-13T18:55:25+00:00

The CPI network provides an excellent opportunity for church planters who are planting autonomous churches to receive practical assistance, advice and support, a sense of belonging and fellowship with other church planters and the opportunity to share in what God is doing more widely in the UK. It is intended that all members of the network would be engaged in, have been engaged in or intending to be engaged in church planting or facilitate those who are involved in church planting. Financial support does not automatically come with membership of the network.

In particular, you will expect CPI to provide for you access to advice, mentoring and pastoral support from the Director of CPI (including regular contact by telephone, by e-mail or through personal visits both to you and your church plant (if applicable), from Trustees, from the member organizations of CPI or other members in the network.

  • CPI will commit itself to help you to lead a thriving and successful church with a structure of accountability.
  • CPI will provide and you will be asked to accept an agreed measure of accountability in your church planting role, access to good quality training opportunities and resources.
  • CPI wants to open doors for you to develop as a church planter, opportunities to attend and participate in national planters’ events and other regional or local meetings (hubs), events and activities.
  • CPI will seek to provide regular points and places of contact for you with others, both for fellowship and also development of good practice, wider exposure for your church plant through newsletters, website etc.
  • CPI expects you to use the CPI logo on publications, leaflets or websites.

The Church Planting Initiative does not provide for you or your church plant a denominational structure to which you or your church plant affiliate or automatic financial support. (However, if you do receive financial support it may be in the form of one-off gifts or it may be an on-going, regular gift. All gifts are made under arrangements agreed by the trustees and if your gift is regular, you will be required to sign a more formal agreement.)

As part of the network, CPI expects you to be engaged in, intend to be engaged in church planting, be supportive of church planters or have experience of church planting which would prove helpful to the CPI network, fully participate in the agreed level of accountability, accept endorse and promote the values and principles of CPI.

It is expected that you do not have a primary commitment to another network, conduct yourself in such ways that do not bring the name of CPI into disrepute, be willing to provide input and support to others from your experience and to attend, when you are able, events, activities and meetings, provide information for CPI newsletters, other publications and the CPI website etc and provide regular newsletters and other information, ensure that your church plant has a Safeguarding Protection Policy which is in accordance with CCPAS guidelines, make known the work of CPI.

Your membership of the CPI network may be ended by either side at any time.


CPI members are self-funding and not employed by CPI. They receive salaries from jobs and receive financial gifts from individual supporters, local sponsors, government funds or sometimes from their churches. Additional benefits such as funding for crisis, training courses and start up costs are available to support your financial stability. We recognise that personal finances can vary widely from person to person.