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Stories – real people, real life

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Am I called to be a church planter?

We asked James Hyde, CPI NationalCoordinator, to tell us about his journey with church planting.   How did you get involved in church planting? It begins with my role as a Counties trustee. In 2009, [...]

Acts 2.42 churches

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2.42   The average person in the UK today is further from understanding the true [...]

Age is no obstacle for God

After running a successful Christian Housing Consultancy for 26 years, Terry and Margaret Wilkes were looking forward to an early retirement. The Hub spoke to Terry about the church God called him and Margaret to [...]

God’s Partnerships

Cinderford is a small rural community. A downtrodden ex-mining town of 10,000 in the middle of the beautiful Forest of Dean. An area where the average age is 15 per cent older than the [...]

Creative Outreach

The Hub spoke to Colette Bewley about Upper Reaches, a gathering of Christians who work in or near Temple Quay in Bristol. About 17,000 people work in Temple Quay, a business development in the [...]

  • Church

Disciples making disciples who plant churches

As CPI works with church planters across the UK, we’ve found relationships between church planters are one of the most valuable areas of support for those in this ministry. We spoke to Stan Strunc [...]

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Short Stories

Rediscovering God-given talents

The latest initiative of Morecambe Community Church (MCC) is a social enterprise called the RE STORE. Michl Kohl told The Hub about it. “Our Innovate art group has developed over the years and last summer [...]

Introducing Ash George

Meet Ash George, the new Training Officer at Counties. He oversees all aspects of training related to the work of Counties including the Evangelists’ Training Programme, One-2-Lead, Neighbourhood Chaplains Training, School of Evangelism and the [...]

The local High Street Chaplain

The Hub caught up with Pastor Raj Kaul of Divine Community Church to find out about their work in Dudley and Wolverhampton. Divine Community Church started a soup kitchen called “On the High Street” [...]

A father/daughter team

In the working-class town of Johnstone, outside Glasgow, church plant Dimity Street Church were praying for someone to help full time with the work. Joanne Sneddon was already helping her father Bobby with various [...]

Partners in the Gospel

Church Planting Initiative has a close relationship with Partnership UK. Not only is it important to raise up leaders from within our own churches, we need to partner with other Christians to advance the [...]

  • Caleb and Adanesh Mathewos

A multi-cultural church in South London

Caleb and Adanesh Mathewos, originally from Ethiopia, have joined the Counties Evangelists Training Programme (ETP) and have also become network members of Church Planting Initiative. Caleb, who is the pastor of The Message of the [...]

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