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Action Centre

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If you believe that a great church for all will lead to a better future for children, families, and communities, take action!

Spread the word by sharing the resources here, and check out these opportunities for you to get involved in our work.

You can help move us toward the day when all of the UK get the great church they deserve.

Help raise money

  • Become a volunteer fundraiser for one of our church’s fundraising campaigns
  • Make a gift to a fundraising campaign
  • Share a fundraising campaign with your network

Refer Someone to CPI

Know someone who would be a great CPI member? Tell us who they are!

Organise an Event

  • Host a Bible Study or Prayer Meeting on our book “Fresh Shoots in Stony Ground”.
  • Organize a visit to a church supported by CPI.
  • Call a local church planter and ask what they need. Get a group together and offer to donate your time, materials or expertise.

Opportunities for Theological College Students

Are you a college student looking for an opportunity to get involved? Call us for volunteer and internship opportunities on 07899 670924

Get educated

Sign up for news and updates about CPI.  Use the form on our homepage