Top ten tips for urban outreach

Martin Korchinsky, a Counties evangelist and CPI planter in Brinnington, a priority 1 council estate in Stockport, South Manchester. The Hub asked him to share some of his strategies for effective urban outreach.

Martin says, “We operate a food bank, a youth club for teens, and a drop-in café as well as a traditional toddler group. These bless the community by meeting needs and provide opportunities to engage. We also encourage locals to volunteer in all of these ventures to meet their need to be productive and valued and so we can disciple them into Christ.” Martin has also adapted the Neighbourhood Chaplains scheme from Counties to fit their context.

The journey at Brinnington has been a difficult one. Martin says, “we have really had to press into God throughout this whole process. He is in control and is really all we need. If God is for us, who can be against us?”

He says CPI has been invaluable in encouraging, mentoring and supporting them from the beginning and especially through the tough times. “Their knowledge and experience has been worth more than gold and their financial assistance through the time of our transitioning towards being self-supporting also made a difference,” he said.

Looking to the future, Martin says, “We hope to grow the church plant from 20 to 40 in the next few years to plant gospel communities in the estate and for every person on the estate to have heard
the gospel.”

Martin has been leading the church since 2011 when he and a small team came to Brinnington from Heaton Chapel Christian Church. He had a vision to impact the community with the love of Christ, through the Gospel message and Christian presence, and through this to gather together new believers to worship Jesus. From this simple beginning and with God’s blessing and provision, Brinnington Community Church
is growing.

Number One


Community engagement is vital ­­— run a drop-in café and get to know people.

Number Two

Young people

Offer activities for young people – run a weekly youth club.

Number Three


Bless the area by meeting the needs of the community – run a food bank.

Number Four

Traditional church

Don’t forget traditional church activities such as toddler groups.

Number Five

Encourage locals

Encourage locals to volunteer in church ventures, as this helps to show they are valued.

Number Six

Show passion

Make yourself available for community consultations, show a passion for the area.

Number Seven


Take part in regular door-to-door work to meet people where they are at.

Number Eight

Practical help

Offer practical help to neighbours through providing transport, shopping or gardening.

Number Nine


Be a mentor for individuals with specific needs.

Number Ten


Be a mentor for individuals with specific needs.

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